Senior Software Engineer – Hybrid Cloud Solutions (12 month fixed contract)

A hybrid role working 3 days per week in our London based office with 2 days at home

Our Senior Software Engineers (Hybrid Cloud Solutions) are key to building and maintaining our products & solutions, and the websites & applications produced that integrate with Azure. They also work closely with our design, development & testing teams to ensure quality solutions are delivered, supporting changes to our products & customer systems.


Decision Making and Authority


The role holder is responsible for ensuring they have a good understanding of both the technical stack relevant to their particular discipline, and the implementation of the various products configured for our customers, enabling them to meet requirements with high quality solutions.

As a senior member of the team, the role holder will use their advanced knowledge & experience to guide and support other developers and make proposals on technical decisions.


Guidance and Direction


As a Senior Software Engineer, the role holder will provide guidance and training on how our platform can be configured to deliver our solutions to complex customer requirements.

There is also an element of autonomy in managing the backlog of tasks internal to the team and proposing/implementing improvements to our related technologies and processes.


Key Relationships and Context

The role holder will report directly to the Development Team Manager who will assist in planning & assigning short and long term work.
The role holder will work closely with other software developers, as well as at times other developers on the team, and occasionally Support Desk staff if required to help address system issues.
The role is mostly internally facing, however given their experience they may be required to occasionally join meetings with external customers & support teams to provide technical knowledge or 2nd/3rd line support.

Working Environment

A hybrid role working 3 days per week in our London based office with 2 days at home, desk based with frequent video calls to team members.

Duties and Key Responsibilities

Software Development:
• Build and maintain functionality using Azure Services to support our web and mobile based software solutions.
• Build and maintain integrations for both internal processes and external customer & industry data, working with WebAPI and file based methods
• Adhere to our software standards, documentation and testing where appropriate.
• Contribute to the continual improvement of our Software Delivery Platform used to deliver the majority of our customer solutions
• Use Microsoft SQL Server commands and leverage ORM frameworks such as Entity Framework to perform database operations


Web Development:
• Build and maintain our Web applications using a variety of languages & tools
• Build and maintain web pages using front-end languages, including but not limited to HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Angular/Typescript, RxJS, NgRx, Angular Signals.

Continual Improvement:
• Undertake training, both formal and self-learning, to keep up to date with evolving technologies relative to our business and customers
• Contribute to the continual improvement of our Software Delivery Platform used to deliver the majority of our customer solutions
• Recommend new hardware or software improvements to ensure our systems are suitable to support our growing customer base
• Propose ideas and designs for improving internal processes and tools we use to continue providing innovative products & services

• Release Management (RM) –one of a small team of RM’s, responsible for the deployment of application & website components to both internal and external (including Production) environments, proposing & implementing improvements to these processes
• Integrate software components, 3rd party libraries & programs
• Ensure provision of suitable development environment for the necessary changes
• Undertake suitable testing to confirm changes meet the requirements
• Provide 2nd / 3rd line support, responding quickly to address issues / unplanned work where necessary, e.g. high priority incidents that are impacting customers
• Have an appreciation of non-functional requirements such as security and performance, and how these should be considered & validated in all solutions we build
• Work closely with other developers and teams on all tasks and projects, with an appreciation of AGILE principles and tools
• Help create technical documentation for reporting and referencing; contribute to department / company Wiki articles for sharing information with colleagues

Person Specification


Experience and Skills
• 10+ years of experience building commercial applications using Microsoft Visual Studio / Visual Studio Code or other code editor (e.g. Sublime/Webstorm) and Microsoft.Net 6.0 or above
• 10+ years of experience of commercial web development experience
• Familiar with Azure Cloud Services such as:
o Azure Functions
o Azure Logic Apps
o Azure Data Factory
o Azure Service Bus
o Power Automate
• Familiar with the following front-end web languages: HTML, CSS/SAAS, Javascript, CSS Frameworks such as Bootstrap, Tailwind etc.
• Familiar with the following server-side languages: C#, .Net frameworks, WebAPI
• Experience working with various data-exchange formats including JSON, XML & CSV
• A good understanding of Client-Server architecture and concepts
• A solid understanding of the Software Development Lifecycle
• Understanding modern development concepts such as object orientation and dependency injection
• Familiarity with project management methodologies such as Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, and related tools e.g. JIRA
• Experience working with tools used to support development, such as Git, Postman etc.
• Release Management experience; configuring/using Azure DevOps Services, GitHub Actions, review pull requests, managing merges.

• Experience developing web applications using Angular 15+ and Typescript
• Experience working on fast moving projects & products with multiple active branches
• Comfortable undertaking peer code review
• Familiar with Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment processes
• Experience working with automated testing tools e.g. Selenium
• Experience working in Logistics, Retail or Supply Chains industries

Qualifications and Education

Bachelor’s Degree (minimum 2:1) in computing, digital, engineering subject or equivalent technical experience.

Competencies and Approach

• Confident working across teams, owning tasks through to completion and communicating with technical & non-technical colleagues across all departments in the business
• Strong analytical, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills, with a keen attention to detail.
• Comfortable taking on tasks and working independently; utilising the help and support on offer from peers and the wider team to ensure that deliverables are completed to a high standard and to agreed timescales.
• Enjoys working in a fast paced environment, supporting a wide variety of Products & Bespoke customer solutions built on a range of technologies

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