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Suppliview is a leading supply chain management & visibility platform with a suite of modules and dynamic features that support the digitisation of your supply chain.

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order management

An essential purchase order management module that enables collaboration between your vendors, logistics partners and import teams.

Your purchase orders are managed electronically with your suppliers via a web portal, providing instant confirmation of changes, production and shipping events.

vendor booking

Enables your vendors to book the movement of goods directly with logistics providers.

Booking Window facility enables you to control when an order is available for booking. This ensures that goods arrive at their destination when you want them to. The Booking Window is calculated automatically based on your business rules, order details and multi modal Shipping Transit Times.

Vendor management

Secure web-based portal enabling you to establish uniform processes and outcomes across all your vendors. The vendor web portal delivers a suite of functions that enable you to implement consistent processes and controls across your entire vendor community from day one. New processes and controls can be deployed rapidly when required.

Digitising paperwork overcomes manual processes, human errors, resource costs and incorrect invoicing.

  • Vendors create detailed Online Packing Lists which provide standardised documentation, communicate actual shipment details to the logistics provider and provide you with visibility of all activity and exception.
  • Self-invoicing resolves issues with purchase order (PO) reconciliation, fraud, invoice accuracy, cost savings and customs clearance.

Business intelligence

Our Business Intelligence (BI) suite provides you with intuitive and valuable historical, current and predictive business information.

Use the powerful BI function to analyse and present data in new and innovative ways via reports and dashboards. Identify trends and unearth opportunities for improved efficiencies and profitability.

Our hosted solution can get you up and running quickly and comes with excellent support packages to ensure a high level of customer service and support. Find out more.

The Business Intelligence module gives you the potential to:

  • Perform complex financial analyses.
  • Review key performance indicators.
  • Accelerate and improve decision making.
  • Optimise internal business processes.
  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Gain competitive advantage.
  • Identify market trends.
  • Isolate business problems.

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