Managed solutions services

Secure, advanced hosted supply chain
management solutions for greater visibility

Our supply chain management solutions use the latest advancements in virtualisation,
security and storage technology.

we offer…

Hosting options to
suit your business


Comprehensive 24/7
technical customer


Online analytics
and reporting


We offer a choice of hosting options to best meet your company’s requirements,
enabling you to strike the right balance between flexibility and pricing, and control
and compliance.

  • Public cloud. Our public cloud option provides you with a cost effective, flexible,
    and easy-to-scale solution. Managed and provided by our trusted, certified
    hosting partner in a UK-based tier 4 aligned data centre. All software updates are
    managed by CORE.
  • Private cloud. Our solutions can be hosted in a single-tenant, private cloud
    environment, running on our own dedicated hardware for enhanced security and
    compliance. As with our public cloud option, we manage the entire solution and
    provide a flexible and easy-to-scale platform.
  • On premises. For organisations with the most demanding data and privacy
    requirements, deploy our systems behind your firewall on your own hardware. We
    work in partnership with you to implement our solution on your infrastructure.
    With flexible licensing and adaptable development, support and maintenance


Swift and effective implementation of our solutions is a top priority at CORE. Our
strong relationships with customers, collaborative way of working and our
technical knowledge means we are well equipped to advise and support on even
the most complex of implementations.

Our implementation services include:

  • Requirements analysis and design.
  • Business role identification and configuration.
  • Report and dashboard development.
  • Support and training material authoring.
  • Third party integration management.

We’re aware that one size does not fit all, speak to us about developing a
customised solution for your business. Contact us today.

Customer support

We provide a comprehensive technical support service for our global customers
to minimise disruptions and support you in getting the most out of our platforms.

Our support team is the first port of call to process and resolve all service-related
requests. We provide unlimited support during office hours and emergency out of
hours assistance.

We operate strict target SLAs in order to give you the best service to our

Our customer service promise to you:

  • Your call answered by a person.
  • No call waiting menu system.
  • Unlimited support during office hours.
  • Call, email or log directly into our support portal.
  • Emergency 24/7 support.
  • Extensive documentation.


In today’s global economy, companies collaborate with partners to streamline
operations, smooth transactions and ultimately add value and create competitive
advantage. The role of systems integration is becoming more and more
important: systems need to connect, both within your system
and to the system of others.

Systems integration is about the aggregation of subsystems to add value and
extend capability. Our solutions have been built to provide visibility across
extended supply chains incorporating disparate systems.

Incorporating cloud-based services into our business environment helps us
operate more efficiently, increase performance up-scaling, and build redundancy
and resilience into our systems and infrastructure.

Our integration services include:

  • EDIFact and X12 EDI File standards.
  • XML, CSV and proprietary file formats.
  • Web services, WCF, Custom APIs, Serialisation and many more.
  • FTP/S site hosting and message forwarding.
  • Real-time or scheduled data exchanges.
  • Automated monitoring and alerting.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance.

Online analytics and reporting

A system is only as good as the information you can get from it. By having clear
and concise information to hand from our solutions you are able to increase
operational efficiency, optimise processes and improve decision making to give
you valuable competitive advantage.

The business intelligence modules built into our solutions analyse and present
data in innovative ways via reports and dashboards and can be delivered to your
email or just as easily to a printer. It is a crucial module to discover hidden
problems, identify trends and unearth opportunities, performing complex analysis
that will prove invaluable.

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