Tarifftel enterprise

Fully outsourced customs
classification solution

Determine the correct HS
codes for 10,000 SKUs +
with bulk classification

Vendors buyers

Liaison with vendors and
buyers to obtain correct
classification information

Existing customer? . New customer? .

enterprise customs

enterprise customs

Large product range means inaccuracies in bulk
classifications, leading to incorrect duty payments

Liaison with vendors and buyers for product
information for accurate classification is time
consuming and slow

Lack of communication and synchronicity between
vendor, buyers and warehouse lead to delays

Lack of transparency or traceability

This solution is for you if…

You are ready to invest in transforming your
customs classification processes

You want greater visibility and control over

You want to save resources and costs on
inaccurate duty payments

You want to integrate your systems for greater
transparency and efficiencies

You want to ensure compliance and increase
speed in classification

Find out more about our
TariffTel solutions for every business 

A bespoke solution for larger
enterprises will reduce the cost and
improve accuracy of product classification.

for more information and a demo.

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