Customs classification

Compliant, quick and efficient HS code classification for 1 product to 100,000+ SKUs. Ensure the
smooth delivery of your products to their destination without the hassle of border delays and non-
compliance fines with inaccurate tariff codes.

Unlike other tools, TariffTel is not simply a tool that searches an electronic version of the HS book. TariffTel uses our proprietary data, interpreted from the HS book and their explanatory notes, to accurately classify your item.

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customs classification

Overpaying duty costs? Missing
information or inaccurate HS code
classification leads to assigning a HS
code that attracts a higher rate of duty

Time-consuming? Manual look-up of HS
codes is time-consuming and labour

Lack of communication? Poor
communication in the customs
classification process can mean lack of
synchronicity between vendor and
warehouse, leading to delays

No visibility of HS code processes?
Without an efficient system, there can be
a lack of transparency and traceability
required for audit trails

We can provide the customs classification code back into your systems
or direct to your customs broker or declaration system.

Whether you are classifying internally or using a freight forwarder or
other 3rd party, why not work out the cost of classification to your
business and to see if we can reduce your costs.



Highly accurate customs classification from a
constantly up to date and comprehensive database
of HS codes

Quick and easy HS code look up, get the product
code you need in seconds

Unified solution with immediate access, enabling
free flowing information between all parties

History of all HS codes for audit trails

fits your needs

What does
it offer


TariffTel HS
Look up Tool

What does it offer

An easy-to-use online
tool that assigns the
correct HS & Tariff
code to determine the
country-specific duty

Key features
  • HS Lookup Tool
  • Classify products from over 65+
    product groups
  • Powerful free text search engine
  • Pay as you go pricing

TariffTel Pro

What does it offer

Provides businesses with the ability to store and manage classification codes and duty rates for their products online.

Key features
  • Discounted use of
    the TariffTel HS
    Lookup Tool
  • Access to Ask Our
    Expert service
  • Receive
    notifications when
    the HS &
    commodity code
    changes for
    managed SKUs
  • Personalised
  • Bulk classification


What does it offer

Outsourced customs
classification solution
to provide a bespoke
system, developed by
customs experts, to
reduce the cost and
improve accuracy of
product classification.

Key features
  • Customisable
  • Integrated with
  • Integrated with
    customs entry
  • Supplier portal
  • Importer
  • Comprehensive
    reporting and

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