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Added value

Take advantage of
special rates and
discount offers for HS
code Lookup tool


Join a supportive
community of over
10,000 TariffTel
members to share and
discuss the latest in
customs classification

Enhanced features

Access enhanced
features including bulk
classification and a
dashboard to store and
manage HS codes


Receive notifications
when HS codes change
to manage SKUs

How membership works

to unlock the potential of a powerful search engine and database for
classifying and managing HS codes in bulk.

Raise and track questions online against a product item

Product information, including classification code and customs description can be shared

Product classification for multiple customs authorities

Data upload of product information and images for bulk classification

Receive updates when your product classifications change

If you need to integrate your customs classification solution with 3PLs, require more in-depth
reporting and analytics or a supplier portal, our is for you.

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