Watch now: What are the benefits of digitising your customs

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In this short video we explain the benefits of digitising the customs classification process with an automated solution like TariffTel. Realise the benefits of digitisation in your organisation:

  • Highly accurate, up to date and comprehensive database of HS codes
  • Quick and easy HS code look up, get the product code you need in seconds
  • Unified solution with immediate access, enabling free flowing information between all parties
  • History of all HS codes for audit trails

The complexities of assigning tariff codes to goods shipped internationally remains a challenge for businesses, with many overpaying (or underpaying) duty costs for submitting the incorrect code. The cost of getting this wrong can be high. CORE’s customs classification system, TariffTel, is transforming how retailers classify their products, saving them both time and money.

Find out more about HS codes and why outsourcing your customs classification can not only lead to improve compliance but great peace of mind with access to our pool of classification experts.

Speak to a member of our team to join 25,000 other registered users benefiting from TariffTel. Simply email [email protected]

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